Further seminars and conferences in the field of battery technology and electromobility.

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Due to increasing automation, electrical engineering is nowadays present in almost all areas of life and plays an important role for a safe power supply as well as modern communication possibilities. Applicable standards and regulations such as DIN VDE 1000-10, 0105-1, 0105-100 and DGUV Regulation 3 ensure the safe handling of electrical systems and form the basis for our seminars. With our seminars on electrical engineering, we keep you up to date and provide you with the necessary knowledge for safe working - for your own safety and the safety of others.

Current seminars and conferences at the HDT

Example 1:

In recent years, battery technology has made considerable progress. Special cell formats have been developed for traction batteries and battery management systems and thermal management have been improved to increase battery safety.

Residual capacity determination has also improved, resulting in higher performance and battery life. Progress also concerns charging (fast charging), charging infrastructure and battery recycling. There are also improvements in the transport, storage and fire protection of batteries in electric cars. Bidirectional charging of electric vehicles (V2G) will support the energy transition.

The Haus der Technik offers seminars and conferences dealing with various aspects of batteries, including solid-state batteries, ageing, inspection and testing, and handling batteries and battery management systems. Industry and research experts hold these events, which take place as face-to-face, online or hybrid events. The digital campus hdt+ is available for online participation.

Example 2:


Working under voltage in the electrical field to acquire the AuS passport
Theoretical and practical basics according to DGUV Rule 103-011 para. 3.2.2

Example 3:

eehe – Electrics & Electronics in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management

For a decade now, the HDT and its partners have been organising the internationally recognised EEHE conference, which is specifically aimed at developers, users and researchers involved in electrics and electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as electrical energy management. The conference provides a professional forum for collective exchange among experts in various fields such as power electronics, high and low voltage energy storage, charging technology, electromobility, E/E systems for commercial and agricultural vehicles, market development and regulations, and power supply for autonomous driving.

Example 4:

Hybrid seminar

High-voltage safety – Qualified instructed person (FuP) according to DGVU 209-093
Qualification for work on HV systems of vehicles

Example 5:


Switching authorisation Switching qualification Seminars according to DGUV

On the electrical engineering page of Haus der Technik e. V. you will find a large number of seminars dealing with the topic of switching authorisation or switching competence according to DGUV. We have been one of the leading providers in Germany for many years and offer seminars for beginners and experienced electricians working with different voltages, such as 1KV, 30KV, 110KV, 220KV, 380KV or 33KV – 36KV in the offshore wind energy sector. We also offer annual briefings (please note validity). Visit the HDT homepage to find the right seminar for you.