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Preliminary seminars on 26 April 2023

Exciting preliminary seminars make the Battery Conference 2023 even more attractive. They enable an intensive familiarisation with the topic and create an overview of the current state of battery research and simulation technologies.

The topics of the preliminary seminars 2023

Lithium Ion Batteries – Safe Handling in the Work Environment and Daily Practice

The seminar language is German. In this online seminar, practice-relevant and field-tested measures and procedures in the fields of logistics, use, testing, storage, service, occupational health and safety, occupational safety and repair in the field of lithium-ion batteries are presented and discussed. Implementation options and variants are presented or jointly developed. The topics presented and developed can then be implemented 1:1 in the participants’ own environment.

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Tempering lithium-ion batteries correctly

The seminar language is German. The performance and ageing behaviour of the battery systems (battery cells) is of central importance for the range, charging time and service life of electric vehicles (electric cars). Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have established themselves as storage technology for e-mobility due to numerous advantages. The performance of these battery systems is significantly influenced by temperature. Low temperatures lead to a loss of performance and can trigger degradation processes (ageing) that reduce the service life. Elevated temperatures also cause various side reactions and degradation processes.

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Ageing and post-mortem analyses of lithium-ion cells

The seminar language is German. In the first part, general aspects of battery ageing are discussed, followed by the methodology of post-mortem analyses based on current literature as well as examples from everyday laboratory work. Special attention is paid to which ageing mechanism can be detected with which method. In the second part, known ageing mechanisms are discussed. Finally, possibilities are shown how the service life of lithium-ion cells can be specifically extended. The seminar contents shown are based on the speaker’s own experience as well as on current literature.

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Basic knowledge batteries

The seminar language is German. In this seminar you will acquire expertise in lithium-ion batteries in traction batteries. In addition to the materials used, the technology for production and the criteria for evaluation are discussed.

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Check and test batteries correctly

The seminar language is German. Electric cars are vehicles without a combustion engine but with a large battery (traction battery) instead of a fuel tank. The seminar will first briefly and succinctly discuss the functioning and structure of the various electrochemical energy storage devices (rechargeable batteries) in order to be able to understand the requirements for testing. This includes in particular topics such as voltage (e.g. high voltage), performance, capacity, safety, designs and operating conditions.

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Thermal runaway and thermal propagation in lithium-ion batteries

The seminar language is English. The seminar will discuss the basics of thermal runaway and thermal propagation in lithium-ion batteries and present testing and simulation options. In addition, the standards and legal situation for thermal propagation is examined and aspects of functional safety in connection with thermal propagation are addressed (hazard and risk analysis according to ISO 26262:2019). Information on detection possibilities and the correct handling of lithium-ion batteries round off the seminar.

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Digital twins in battery cell production

The seminar language is English. Das Seminar behandelt den Einsatz von Digitalen Zwillingen über den Produktlebenszyklus einer Batteriezelle bzw. eines Batteriesystems. The contents include today’s potentials, current solutions and future challenges.

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Lithium-ion solid state batteries

The seminar language is German. The seminar is designed to help participants understand the functionality, application potential and challenges of solid-state batteries. Based on this, it is possible to make your own initial assessment of the usability of this technology for many application scenarios and its importance for your own company.

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