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Battery research with the PD-600 powder measuring system – Improved performance and resource-efficient production

The development of high-performance batteries requires high-quality conductive additives and carbons that affect the electronic conductivity of battery cathodes. To improve the range, charging time and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries while ensuring resource-efficient production, new formulations are constantly required.


This is where the PD-600 powder measurement system comes into play, which can determine the physical properties of powdery substances via resistivity. The measuring station is operated in conjunction with the proven Hiresta-UX or Loresta-GX conductivity meter and offers two separate cylinder measuring heads for the low-resistance and high-resistance measuring ranges.

The PD-600 can be used in battery, pharmaceutical and polymer research as well as production engineering and quality control. In particular, powdery substances of carbon products, metallic and thermoplastic powders as well as pigments and coatings are in focus.

Visit our booth and experience the PD-600 conductivity meter live. Perform sample measurements and learn more about the possibilities offered by the PD-600 in battery research.

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