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Safion GmbH

Know your batteries – Smart screening & management solutions for your lithium-ion batteries

Along the entire value chain, Safion evaluates precisely the quality of batteries in a matter of seconds. Safion’s high-throughput battery screening solution, based on online Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) combined with machine learning algorithms, gives system integrators and cell manufacturers deep insight and confidence into the quality of every integrated or produced cell.

“Safion’s solution for battery quality assessment is clever and exceptionally powerful. With the precise evaluations of our lithium-ion cells in record time, we are able to build even stronger battery systems.”

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Schäper, Managing Director at Air Energy

“The fast impedance measurement in a wide frequency range allows screening of cells in commercial application and production. But it is also a powerful tool in R&D to observe internal processes during charging and discharging in real time. We benefit from the Safion measuring devices in our research work.”

Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer, ISEA RWTH Aachen

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Gitis

Watch our conference presentation.

Learn more about Safion and our development over the last years. Watch the presentation of Dr. Alexander Gitis, CEO at Safion at the Batterietag NRW.

ExaMight – The all-in-one solution for battery quality assurance

Screen battery cells within seconds and integrate them into modules, all in one process, with the ExaMight device and software. ExaMight performs simultaneous measurements of up to 32 impedance points, giving you a reliable evaluation of the lifetime performance of a cell.

ExaMight Suite – The battery management software for all your needs

Manage your whole process, from cell measurement and quality analysis to module assembling or reporting. Which cells are suitable for your application? Which supplier delivers low-quality cells?

With the ExaMight Software Suite you have all important information at a glance and can easily handle cells of different quality.

Inspectrum – Next generation of battery characterization

The Inspectrum performs EIS measurements at unprecedented speed during your battery cell and battery system development. With the help of several measurement options, a specially developed toolchain in our software enables characterization, and parametrization of your batteries in the shortest time possible. Optimized for industrial use, the system represents a lean but powerful solution that is easy to set up and operate without special qualifications.

Multiplexer – reduce time and human error while using Inspectrum.C

With Multiplexer, you can use the Inspectrum.C with at least 8 measuring channels. This significantly reduces the measurement efforts and minimizes the typical error rate during cell contacting.


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