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Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Pumps from the leader

For 130 years, the name Pfeiffer Vacuum has served as a guarantee for advanced vacuum technology, high quality vacuum solutions and first-class service. We offer a wide range of process pumps for vacuum drying and electrolyte filling in R&D and Industry environments with outstanding performances for short cycle times and efficiency. With our leak detectors, we are able to leak test battery components, all cell types, battery modules and packs as well as cooling units. Furthermore, baseline investigations in the fields of humidity measurement, permeation and end-of-line testing are possible.

Li-ion batteries have become an integral part of our everyday life. They are used in mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and other wearables. Batteries are even powering our cars. But how are these compact power storage devices manufactured and what does it all have to do with vacuum and leak detection?

Vacuum Solution

The application of vacuum is required at various stages of production in the manufacture of Li-ion batteries: Vacuum is required during the mixing process of the so-called slurry, which is applied to the battery cell electrodes. The coil drying and electrolyte filling also takes place under vacuum.

In general, the pumps generate the vacuum which is needed for the different production processes. The pumps have to have a high resistance to poisonous and toxic fumes in drying, filling and formation processes. Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps generally are known to be robust and efficient to ensure sustainable production of Li-ion batteries.

Customer benefits:

  • Efficient: Extremely short pump-down times due to superior, next-generation drive concept
  • Enhanced safety: Intelligent interface technology allows process monitoring (Industry 4.0)
  • Flexible: Vertical or horizontal pump mounting and variable control of the fan and pumping speeds permits adaptation to process variations
  • Durable: Hermetically sealed pump with leakage rate of < 1 ·10-6 Pa m3/s since outward dynamic seals are eliminated
  • Low operating costs: State-of-the-art motor technology (IE4 standard) and air cooling system (up to +40°C)

Leak Detection

Leak detection is an essential step in quality control to protect battery cells, battery components, cooling systems, battery modules and battery packs from moisture ingress. In addition, the generation or escape of hazardous substances is avoided.

Battery components like the cell cover clearly are the domain of tracer gas leak detectors, with their low detection limit. Other applications like cooling circuits are optimum for our high precision Micro-Flow leak detection technology, which uses air as a tracer gas. Pfeiffer Vacuum is the only company that offers leading air leak testing solutions, as well as tracer gas leak detection technologies.

Customer benefits:

  • The perfect unit for industrial control of under pressure parts, dedicated to demanding applications and intensive use
  • Rugged design offering stability and reliability
  • Easy operation
  • Universal operation voltage and various languages available for global use
  • Available with interface board for automation through an external system (PC or PLC)
  • Specific high flow sniffer probe to be ordered separately
  • Dedicated Helium or Hydrogen calibrated leaks available as accessories

Gas Analysis

Gas analysis is a method capable for not only analyzing the composition of an unknown gas mixture but also for investigating permeation phenomena of a defined gas.

The analysis of gas composition during different battery cell production steps, like formation or aging, could give access to set up correlations between measured element composition and battery cell quality.
Furthermore, gas transfer characteristics through materials can be obtained to identify the best material to reach the desired product quality.

Customer benefits:

  • Qualitative and quantitative gas analysis
  • Low detection limit
  • Low gas consumption
  • Ease of use:
    • Intuitive PV MassSpec software and WebUI
    • 7’’ touch display
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Wide range of configuration options


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