Prices and conditions 2023

Here you will find special conditions for early bookers, students, university members and HDT members. Special conditions are also available for speakers and poster authors. We look forward to your registration.

Battery Day NRW, April 26, 2023

regular price 395,00 Euro
Student (without degree, proof necessary)165,00 Euro

regular fee 395,00 Euro
Student (without degree, proof neccessary) 165,00 Euro

Advanced Battery Power Conference, April 27-28, 2023

Face-to-face event
Regular price 1.365,00 Euro // until January 31, 2023 Early booking discount: 1.095,00 Euro
Speakers / Poster authors / University members (also salaried and graduate students) 585,00 Euro
Students (up to Master’s degree, against proof) 285,00 Euro

Regular price 1.095,00 Euro
University member (also salaried and graduate students) 495,00 Euro
Students (up to Master’s degree, against proof) 195,00 Euro

Preliminary seminars (online), April 26, 2023

Safe handling of lithium-ion batteries, VA23-00481 595 €
/ Conference language german

Tempering lithium-ion batteries correctly, VA23-00594 595 € / Conference language german

Ageing and post-mortem analyses of lithium-ion cells, VA23-00673 595 € / Conference language german

Basic knowledge batteries, VA23-00675 595 € / Conference language german

Check and test batteries correctly, VA23-00752 595 € / Conference language german

Thermal runaway and thermal propagation in lithium-ion batteries, VA23-00833 595 €

Green Batteries through Computational Life Cycle Engineering, VA23-00694 595 €

Handling of electric vehicles involved in accidents and defective batteries, VA23-00701 595 € / Conference language german

Battery management systems for automotive applications, VA23-00684 595 € / Conference language german

Digital twins in battery cell production, VA23-00889 595 €

Attendance fees of the HDT e.V. are according to § 4 Nr. 22 UStG VAT-free.

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