Dr. Iwao Soga

Project Manager
Science & Innovation Center


Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Science & Innovation Center
1000 Kamoshida, Aoba, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 227-8502, Japan
Tel.: +81-45-963-3443 / +81-50-3033-4250
E-Mail: soga.iwao.mx@m-chemical.co.jp

1990: Graduated from University of Tokyo, Department of Applied Physics.
1990-: Mitsubishi Chemical Industries Ltd. (present-day Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation).
1995-1997: University of Illinois. Department of Material Science and Engineering.
2008-2010: ERATO project of Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Present: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Science & Innovation Center, Battery Materials Project.

Major research fields:
Lithium ion battery and battery materials, Functional devices using soft matter, Colloid and interface science.

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