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Measurement Solutions
for Science & Industry.

Good measurements lead to good decisions

Measurement Solutions
for Science & Industry.

BioLogic helps shape the future of research projects and industrial innovations around the globe. Our high-precision, high-performance measurement instruments, powered by advanced, user-friendly software help scientists and industrial experts in such diverse fields as electrochemistry, battery & material testing, rapid kinetics, spectroscopy, and photosynthesis.

35+ years expertise in the design/manufacture of cutting-edge instrumentation, & a passion for meeting customer needs

Cutting-edge hardware.
Powerful, user-friendly software.

The quality, reliability, and innovation that lies behind BioLogic’s product portfolio help shape the future of research/industry projects around the world. Our close professional proximity with both academic and industrial users helps us understand our clients’ needs and develop solutions that truly make a difference – through a marriage of cutting-edge, reliable, high-performance hardware and innovative, user-friendly software.
Key facts and figures
A sustained period of growth.

An innovative product portfolio, strong customer service and a reputation for quality and reliability have all helped to contribute to our year-on-year growth of +16 % since 2007. This significant growth has been driven by the quality of our instruments and strong customer service.

+16 %

Year-on-year growth since 2007

90 %



Partner resellers worldwide


Global subsidiaries

With you every step of the way.
Whether it is the Developers who design your instruments or the Account Managers who sell them, all our employees will have gained valuable experience within academic or industrial R&D circles – and often, both. It is this experience that helps us understand the importance of measurement instruments to the scientific community. We have invested heavily in people to develop and support a range of powerful, high-end, high-precision, measurement systems covering both hardware and software – modular solutions designed to give you the best user experience possible, simplify your workflow, reduce your project lead time and drive your research forward.
BioLogic has a rich history of developing innovative, groundbreaking products that have helped to expand the frontiers of science and industry. We designed and developed the world’s first:
  • Computer-controlled multi-channel potentiostat
  • The world’s first stopped-flow instrument with independent stepping motor technology
  • Modular instruments with internal boosters
  • A modular scanning ECM system
  • Ethernet managed potentiostat/galvanostats
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) quality indicators
  • First turnkey solution for electrical characterization
A truly global footprint.

BioLogic has put in place a vast international network with 7 company offices and over 25 affiliated resellers worldwide to manage our worldwide sales (90 % of BioLogic Sales are exported).

BioLogic affords each of these partners a wide degree of autonomy, enabling them to “think global & act local” thereby answering the specific needs of each territory and ensuring customer satisfaction across the globe.

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Shaping the future. Together.
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