Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon

Jean-Marie Tarascon (1953) is Professor at the College de France holding the chair “Chemistry of solids – Energy). But much of his early career was spent in the United States where he discovered new electrolytes for Li-ion developed (1994) the plastic Li-ion technology.

Back to France in 1995, he created the European network of excellence ALISTORE-ERI and more recently the French network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E). Tarascon’s present research is devoted to batteries with emphasis on designing new materials and electrolytes, developing new eco-efficient synthesis processes, understanding reaction mechanisms, identifying novel reactivity concepts, and exploring chemistries beyond Li. He is the author of more than 650 scientific papers, and detains ~100 patents. He received many honours, with the last ones in 2017 being the CNRS innovation medal, the Galvani medal and the 2017 Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize.


Collège de France
11 Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005 Paris, France
email: jean-marie.tarascon à
tel: +33 1 44 27 13 20

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