Digital twins in battery cell production

Online Seminar
Participation fee: 595 €

The seminar language is English. Das Seminar behandelt den Einsatz von Digitalen Zwillingen über den Produktlebenszyklus einer Batteriezelle bzw. eines Batteriesystems. The contents include today’s potentials, current solutions and future challenges.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Birke
Group Leader Electrical Energy Storage Systems, Institute for Photovoltaics ipv, University of Stuttgart

Julian Grimm, M. Sc.
Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)

The first part of the seminar focuses on the development of battery cells and battery systems. In addition to the basics of cell modelling, simulation methods for use in the design (chemical, electrical, thermal) and optimisation of battery systems are presented. Furthermore, procedures are described to improve the model validity and quality.

The second part looks at the manufacture of battery cells and battery systems and presents solutions for the use of digital twins in setting up flexible manufacturing environments. During the seminar, the digital twin is introduced as a tool to shorten planning times and production start-up as well as to continuously optimise manufacturing operations.

The third part considers the use phase of battery systems in different application fields and scenarios. Solutions for handling telematics data and their cloud-based data analysis will be presented, as well as Big Data-driven approaches to predicting battery lifetimes, including optimised repair and battery replacement strategies.

On the topic

Digital twins offers an ideal auxiliary tool in the realisation of modern battery cell technologies and systems. They support all steps of product development and manufacturing from conceptual design to flexible mass production. In addition to the potentials, solution strategies for setting up digital twins will be shown. These include model consistency and coupling as well as performance in the analysis of the developed digital twins.


Online seminar, 09:00 to 15:15

  • Welcome
  • Basics of modelling and simulation
  • Digital twins in the product development of battery cells and systems
  • Digital twins in the manufacture of battery cells and systems
  • Digital twins in the use of battery cells and systems
  • Synthesis and outlook


Building on the fundamentals of industrial digitalisation, participants will learn about the spectrum of application fields for digital twins in the context of lifecycle-oriented development, production and use of battery cells and battery systems. The seminar offers product developers, manufacturers and users the basis for assessing the added value of using digital twins and planning their implementation individually.

Circle of participants

Product developers, production planners, quality engineers, production managers, application engineers, machine and plant builders.