Advanced Battery Conference 2019

3. April 2019

09:00  -  10:00



10:00  -  10:10

Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer
ISEA, RWTH Aachen University



10:10  -  10:20

Prof. Dr. Werner Klaffke
Haus der Technik

Planary Talk 1


10:20  -  11:05

The Changing Face of Powertrain
Ted Miller
Ford Motor Company

Plenary Talk 2


11:05  -  11:35

Material Research for Batteries: Facts versus Wishful Thinking
Prof. Dr. Petr Novák
Paul Scherrer Institute

Plenary Talk 3


11:35  -  12:05

Challenges for Next Generation Automotive Batteries
Dr. Matthias Ullrich
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

14:00  -  15:40

Session 1A: Battery Systems – Battery Aging
Location: Europa-Saal
Session Chairs: Dr. Alexander Warnecke, Dr. Meinert Lewerenz

14:00Ageing of Lithium-Ion-Batteries Under the Influence of Periodic High Frequency Current Ripple Due to DC/DC-ConvertersPablo Korth Pereira FerrazTechnische Universität Berlin
14:20Aging of Lithium Ion Batteries – Detecting Gas Evolution with In-Operando Mass SpectrometryDr. Ulriika MattinenRoyal Institute of Technology (KTH)
14:40Systematic Investigation of Mechanical Aging of High Energy Lithium-Ion BatteriesLisa WillenbergISEA, RWTH Aachen University
15:00Understanding the different aging trends of usable capacity and mobile Li capacity in Li-ion cellsBjörn RumbergVolkswagen AG
15:20Degredation path dependency in Lithium-Ion batteries for electric vehiclesMiss Trishna RajUniversity of Oxford



Session 1B: Automotive and mobile applications
Location: Saal Brüssel
Session Chairs: Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Karden · Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger

14:00Comparing thermal runaway of automotive Li-ion batteriesDipl.-Ing. Andrej GolubkovKompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
14:20Investigation of significant capacity recovery effects due to long rest times during cyclic aging tests in automotive lithium ion cells and their influence on lifetimeM.Sc. Bernd EpdingVolkswagen AG
14:40Requirements of a High Power 48V Battery System for future xEV ApplicationsUlf StenzelAVL SCHRICK GmbH
15:00Frontloading for battery development by virtual certification testingRüdiger BeykirchFEV Europa GmbH
15:20Cell Selection and Thermal Management System Design for a 5C Rate Ultrafast Charging Battery ModuleDr. Phillip KollmeyerMcMaster University



Session 1C: Lithium-ion Cells – Inactive Components
Location: Conference Room K1
Session Chairs: Prof. Egbert Figgemeier · Dr. Gerhard Hörpel

14:00Development of super high ionic conductivity electrolyte for lithium ion batteryYasunori OzawaUniversity of Münster
14:20Nanostructured single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes for safer high-performance lithium batteriesDr. Dominic BresserKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
14:40Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Pyrazole-based Compounds as High Voltage Electrolyte Additives and their Impact on the Overall Performance of Li Ion BatteriesNatascha von AspernForschungszentrum Jülich
15:00Development and evaluation of synergistic electrolyte additives for high-voltage lithium-ion batteriesArefeh KazzaziHelmholtz Institute Ulm
15:20Quenching cathode electrolyte interphase on Ni-rich cathode materials for preventing short circuit problem in lithium ion batteryProf. Fu-Ming WangNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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16:45  -  18:05

Session 2A: Battery Systems – Battery Modeling and Parameterization
Location: Europa-Saal
Session Chairs: Prof. Charles Delacourt · Dr.-Ing. Heiko Witzenhausen

16:45Electrode dry-out as origin of accelerated battery aging towards end of life: Modeling and lifetime predictionProf. Dr. Wolfgang BesslerHochschule Offenburg
17:053D Simulation of Transport Processes within Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes Comprising Non-Spherical Active Material ParticlesSusanne CernakKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
17:25Computational models of different complexity for performance simulation of lithium-ion batteriesAdrian SchmidtKarlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
17:45Physical Parameters of Constrained Li-Ion Pouch CellsM. Sc. Jan SingerUniversität Stuttgart



Session 2B: Battery Systems – Battery Diagnostics
Location: Saal Brüssel
Session Chairs: Armin Warm · Horst Mettlach

16:45A novel methodology for the diagnosis of safety critical lithium-ion batteries states with multi-frequent electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (multi-EIS) and ultrasonics (US)Dr.-Ing. Alexander GitisISEA, RWTH Aachen University
17:05Cell State Determination using Optical Electrode MonitoringValentin RoscherHochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
17:25New method for analyzing ultrasonic based measurements for lithium-ion batteriesSebastian LudwigTechnische Universität München
17:45Ultrasonic Probing of Lithium-Ion Batteries – a new Concept for State of Charge EstimationLukas GoldFraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC



Session 2C: Stationary battery systems – Teaching batteries
Location: Conference Room K1
Session Chairs: Kai-Philipp Kairies · Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jossen

16:45Large-scale flow battery as electrical energy storage system of a multifunctional hybrid compensatorJan GirschikFraunhofer-Institut für Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik UMSICHT
17:05Safety and ageing issues in lithium-ion home storage systemsStephan LuxFraunhofer Institut ISE
17:25PV Home Storage Systems: Evaluation of 6 Years KfW Subsidy Program in GermanyM.Sc. Jan FiggenerISEA, RWTH Aachen University
17:45Battery Education at TH IngolstadtFabian StegerTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt

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Evening Event

Tivoli VIP Lounge - Krefelder Str. 205, 52070 Aachen

19:00  -  22:30

The evening reception is taking place in the VIP lounge of the Tivoli stadion, Krefelder Straße 205, 52070 Aachen. The entrance of the Tivoli VIP lounge is at the back of the stadium. Shuttle busses are starting from 6:45 pm at the Eurogress conference location. If the weather is fine, you may walk the distance of 1.5 km in about 20 minutes. The poster award presentation at the evening reception will start at 9 pm. Shuttle busses will be ready from 10 pm for returning to the Eurogress.

Poster Award
The poster award presentation is one of the traditional highlights of the conference „Advanced Battery Power“. Every year the poster price is donated by the Haus der Technik in Essen for the three best scientific poster.

4. April 2019

Plenary Talk 4


09:00  -  09:45

New fast charging protocols for lithium ion batteries
Prof. Rachid Yazami
Nanyang Technological University

Plenary Talk 5


09:45  -  10:15

The Full Charge – Battery Systems for a Successful Electrification of Commercial Vehicles
Dr. Hartung Wilstermann
Webasto E-Solutions & Services Boards

Plenary Talk 6


10:15  -  10:45

BATTERY 2030+: challenges to address for the batteries of the future
Prof. Dr. Kristina Edström
Uppsala University

Plenary Talk 7


10:45  -  11:15

Battery Cell Design: Requirements and Challenges
Prof. Dr. Andreas Jossen
Technical University Munich

12:55  -  14:35

Session 3A: Battery Systems – Battery Management and Diagnostics
Location: Europa-Saal
Session Chairs: Prof. Dr. Peter H.L. Notten · Stefan Werkstetter

12:55Online Aging Determination with Dissipative Balancing CircuitsIlya ZilbermanTechnical University of Munich
13:15Online Lithium ion capacity and impedance diagnostic by tracking and modelling incremental capacity curvesDr. Mikel OyarbideCIDETEC Energy Storage
13:35Development of optimal fast-charging strategies using a validated cell modelDr. Michael SchönleberBatemo GmbH
13:55Comparative analysis of CCCV and pulse-charging routines for li-ion batteriesMichael DipponKarlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT)
14:15The Effects of Thermal Gradients in Automotive Battery Packs Balancing StrategyEmma VendolaImperial College London



Session 3BA: Lithium-ion cells – Active Components and Battery Performance
Location: Saal Brüssel
Session Chairs: Dr. Volker Hennige · Dr. Peter Pilgram

12:55Cross-Talk Between Transition Metal Cathode and Li Metal Anode – Unraveling its Influence on the Deposition/Dissolution Behavior and Morphology of LithiumJohannes BetzMEET - Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology, WWU Münster
13:15Understanding the role of polymeric binders in water based Lithium ion electrodesRonald GordonKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
13:35Specific energy and fast-charging capability of commercial Li-ion cells of the new 21700 formatDr.rer.nat. Thomas WaldmannZentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
13:55A new high energy density pouch cell that operates at low-temperature conditions (<-40 °C)Prof. Filippos FarmakisDemocritus University of Thrace
14:15Prediction of Calendric Aging Behavior of Lithium-Ion BatteriesBjörn KleinsteinbergISEA RWTH Aachen



Session 3C: Beyond and Beside Lithium Ion Technology
Location: Conference Room K1
Session Chairs: Prof. Dr. Kristina Edström · Prof. Dr. Stefano Passerini

12:55Recent developments for Lithium-Sulfur prototype cellsDr. Susanne DoerflerFraunhofer IWS
13:15Sodium Metal Anodes: Plating/Stripping behaviour and SEI formationDipl.-Ing. Magdalena MandlHelmholtz Institut Ulm (HIU), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
13:35Application of Ionic Liquids as (Co-)Solvents in Electrolytes for High Voltage Magnesium BatteriesVerena KüpersMEET - Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology, WWU Münster
13:55Screening of deep-eutectic-solvent electrolytes for the aluminium-ion batteryWilli PetersDechema-Forschungsinstitut
14:15A new approach to ultracapacitor/battery hybrid energy storage solutionsDr. Sebastian PohlmannSkeleton Technologies GmbH

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15:20  -  17:00

Session 4A: Lithium-ion cells – Analytical Methods and Models
Location: Europa-Saal
Session Chairs: Prof. Dr. Jens Tübke · Prof. Dr. Petr Novák

15:20Investigation of capacity and homogeneity recovery of commercial cells after cycle life testsDr. Meinert LewerenzTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
15:40Modeling solid-electrolyte interphase formation on silicon interfacesLars von KolzenbergInstitute of Engineering Thermodynamics, German Aerospace Center
16:00Electrode porosity – how does it influence electric cell behaviour?Christiane RaheForschungszentrum Jülich
16:20A new perspective on interphase formation in Li-ion batteries by simultaneous EIS and EQCM-DPaul KitzPaul Scherrer Institut
16:40Revealing the Network of Reactions in LIB Electrolytes By In Situ and Ex Situ NMR TechniquesDr. Simon Wiemers-MeyerMEET Battery Research Center, University of Münster



Session 4B: Battery Systems – Field and Laboratory Tests
Location: Saal Brüssel
Session Chairs: Dr. Eberhard Meissner · Dominik Schulte

15:20Experimental investigation of reaction and temperature behaviour of large lithium-ion cells during thermal propagationDaniel BecherZentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)
15:40Capability of lithium-ion cells to deliver constant power at high loadsChristoph NeblTechnische Hochschule Ingolstadt
16:00Safety assessment of traction battery systems regarding mechanical loadsDr. Martin SchwabAVL List GmbH
16:20The relationship between cell heat generation rate and operating temperature: determination and importance to battery management systemsDr. Alastair HalesImperial College London
16:40Influence of temperature and cell balancing on NMC111's observed capacity fade during high voltage operationProf. Göran LindberghKTH Royal Institute of Technology



Session 4C: Production and recycling of battery systems and cells
Location: Conference Room K1
Session Chairs: Dr. Sebastian Menne · Dr. Falko Schappacher

15:20From Cells to Systems – Automated Contacting of Battery Cells using Laser Beam WeldingSören HollatzFraunhofer Institut für Lasertechnik ILT
15:40Data mining in lithium-ion battery cell productionM.Sc. Anna KollendaTechnische Universität München
16:00Dispersion and Coating Strategies for innovative electrodes for LIBDr. Alice HoffmannZSW - Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg
16:20Laser perforation as a structuring concept for high-capacity electrodesSophie Sachse
Maher Kouli
Technische Universität Braunschweig
16:40APPtec – a new generation of spray pyrolysis technology to produce advanced battery materialsDr. Thomas JähnertGlatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

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