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Evaluation of Alternative Methods for Determination of Battery Cells Heat Capacity and Thermal Resistance
Cell characterization
Characterization methods

Battery thermal management is a key for electric vehicles. Efficient thermal management not only protects the batteries against premature deterioration but also increases the batteries available performance. Thermal characterisation of battery cells is counted as an important basis for batteries thermal modelling amongst which Heat Capacity has a crucial role. Bulk Heat Capacity and Thermal Resistance can be determined using expensive experimental equipment such as Calorimeters or deconstruction of battery cells. Recent published works have shown a promising method consisting of solving heat transfer theoretical equations from experimental cycling data. This method can be introduced as a potentially cheaper and effective alternative for the aforementioned characterisation method. The novel method relies on providing two heat transfer equations under various cooling conditions during the cycling tests. The cooling is delivered by fans integrated on the cell testing fixture with a variety of configurations. Different fixture and fan configurations will be assessed to acquire the most accurate and cost-effective set of test rig. This study aims to evaluate the efficiency and replicability of a relatively cheap, highly accurate method to determine Heat Capacity and Thermal Resistance of battery cells using modular battery testing fixtures.

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Brady Plande, Katie Lukow, Paul Henshall, Adriano Schommer

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